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Importance of a drying coat

You may think why does my dog need a drying coat after a swim however, in the colder months, it has a big benefit!

While your dog is swimming with us the pool is heated to 29/30°c which encourages blood circulation and allows muscles to relax, easing pain in the joints and increasing their range of motion.

If they quickly then become cold these benefits will be reduced and can limit movement. While a towel dry and blaster can get off a lot of the water, the drying coats will keep them warm during their journey home, and assist with drawing the water from their fur.

There are many drying coats on the market to suit all budgets. Please see below for a list of suppliers we recommend:

Please bear in mind: if your dog struggles to stand, we would advise against buying a coat with full leg coverage so they don't have to balance on three legs while putting it on.


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