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Exercising your dog without walking

If you find it challenging to be able to walk your dog on the hot summer days, there are plenty of other ways you can stimulate your dog!

While physical exercise is important to keep up their fitness, it is also important to keep your dog mentally stimulated too so they do not become bored.

We recommend the following tips:

  • Going in the garden and throwing their food/treats on the ground is a great way to get them to use their brain to search for them, rather than in a bowl.

  • Learning a new trick, with their favourite reward.

  • Having them work out a puzzle toy.

  • Putting treats on licky mats, snuffle mats or in a feeding toy – these can keep your dog busy for a while.

  • Taking them for a swim at hydrotherapy. This means your dog is able to exercise in a non-weight bearing environment and use different muscles than they would on land.

At South Coast Hydrotherapy Centre we have a range of treats and activity mats for you dog to buy. We also offer the following:

  • Fun swims for dogs to be able to swim in warm clean water in a safe environment.

  • Fitness swims for agility, flyball, show or working dogs to keep them fit to help prevent injuries.

  • Weight loss swims to assist with losing weight. Swimming in the pool is non-weight bearing, so it means no stress on their joints while exercising.

  • Medical/orthopaedic conditions swims: - Arthritic and stiff joints - Pre or post surgery - Veterinary diagnosed conditions

  • Socialisation/mental stimulation swims for dogs who lack confidence. Meeting new people and experiencing different things can help stimulate their brain and build confidence.

  • Puppy swims for introducing your puppy to the water at an early age in a safe friendly way.

If you would like to book an appointment or have any enquiries, please call us on 01202 978 571 or email us on


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