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Frequently asked questions

Does the water have any chemicals in?

Yes, we add bromine in our water. This is a sanitiser and it destroys a wide range of potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses. The water is tested throughout the day to ensure the levels are safe. A shower (shampoo also if wished) is given after the swim to remove any chemical traces too.

Why do I need to get a vet referral form to swim my pet?

A referral form is a legal requirement, even for fun swims. It enables the hydrotherapists to have all the medical information about your pet and ensure they are in a suitable state of health to undergo hydrotherapy. 

How do I make an appointment?

If you would like to book an appointment or have any enquiries, please call us on 01202 978 571 or email us on

Do you have a vet in case of emergencies?

Yes, we are located right behind Ocean Vets, Three Cross Veterinary Surgery. 

Can I walk my dogs on hydrotherapy days?

We recommend to replace the walk with the swim. Short walks for toileting is fine but we do not want to over-exert your dog prior to the session. This allows the hydrotherapist to have a fair evaluation of their movement in the pool, without them being tired, and how they are after their session to determine if the next swim can be increased, decreased or kept the same.

​How many sessions will my pet need?

This depends on each dog's individual condition. The frequency of the swims can be discussed with the hydrotherapists on the initial session.

​Can my dog eat before their swim?

We ask you not to feed your pet 3 hours before and after the swim to prevent sickness and gastric dilation volvulus (bloat).

How do I claim through my insurance?

You are encouraged to speak directly with your insurance provided on the validity of each claim. If your pet is insured for hydrotherapy, we can process the claim on your behalf. Please ask a member of staff for advice. 


What's the difference between swimming in a lake/sea and hydrotherapy?

Swimming in cold temperatures will reduce blood circulation and may lead to stiffening of muscles and cramping. There is an undercurrent in open lakes which will make it harder for your dog to swim in and can potentially cause problems. Water-born diseases and pollution could also put your dog in danger. Our pool is heated to 29°C to promote blood circulation. We also test our water throughout the day to ensure it is safe for your pet. Hydrotherapists are trained specialists and get in the water with your pet to ensure they have the correct movement.

Can I bring my dog if they do not have a condition?

Yes, we offer fun, weight loss programmes, puppy swims and for general fitness too! 

​What do I need to bring with me?

Please wear sensible clothing as you may get wet and please wear flat shoes. Your dog should be on a short lead. Please arrive with a towel and shampoo, if you would like them shampooed.

What if my pet doesn't like water?

We allow up to 45 minutes for the initial session to allow us plenty of time to calmly and slowly introduce the new environment to your pet. All patients will start off with a buoyancy aid and have the hydrotherapist with them at all times. 

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